CROP Hunger Walk 2016

The CROP Hunger Walk is a 3-mile walk to help fight hunger world wide and in Phoenix. It is a  family-friendly, ecumenical effort coordinated through Church World Services (CWS). Proceeds from the walk help CWS to fight against hunger.

This year's local mission: Joshua Tree, which is housed at First Congregational UCC: “With arms outstretched, the goal of Joshua Tree Feeding Program is to provide nourishment to low-income HIV+ resi-dents of Maricopa County. We provide balanced meals from our pantry as well as medical and com-munity resources to encourage self-sustainability of our clients in a social, supportive and welcoming environment where privacy, cultural, spiritual and religious values are respected. Our expanded ser-vices give assistance to our client's pets, and provide food and supplies to keep the pets in low income homes to maintain the comfort and support they pro-vide to those with HIV/AIDS.” 

For information on the CROP Hunger Walk in Phoenix, click here. To participate with Grace in this year's event, contact Outreach.

We look forward to your participation in 2016!