2016 HEAT RESPITE @ GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH: Week 7 (July 25th - July 29th)

Thank you to all of the donors of water, time, money, and love.  We could not do this without you.  Here are the numbers from Week 7:

Volunteers contributed 275 hours

Thank you to the Highlands Church Youth Group for coming out with a crew of about 40 last week. While the Heat Respite is going on, our maintenance demands are focused on Hope Hall, and we can get behind on other projects that need to be done. The youth group helped to clean the sanctuary, basement, and the grounds, a project that seemingly was not directly related to the Heat Respite, but a project that helped us out a ton, allowing us to focus on giving those participants of Heat Respite the best experience and care we can.

We also wanted to thank Be Coffee for their donations.  They are a small coffee shop down the street from the church at 214 E. Roosevelt Street.  You can find the menu here and text your order to 602.687.7544.

You might have noticed the big jump on Monday.  That is partly due the great work that Lord of Life does with the Grace Room.  Every Monday throughout the year the Grace Room opens Monday mornings as a clothes pantry, providing shirts, pants, socks, hygiene, and other necessities to folks who need them. As this program runs year-round, if you ever have new or used clothes, shoes, or backpacks/suitcases that you would have otherwise taken to Good Will or another location, we can take them as well. We do not sell any of the items we receive and we work with Native American Urban Ministry and ICM if we receive an overflow of items.