Thank you to our donors and participants.  Here are the numbers from week 3:

Volunteers logged 295.75 hours.

We closed June serving 2357 folks (including repeated visits) for an average of 139 people per day being able to find a place to escape the heat, receive water and food, and find a place of rest.  This does not happen with out the help of the 77 volunteers who provided 750.75 hours of service during the month of June.

Special thanks to Marlene Haller and Frank Soto who lead the kitchen crew and combined to volunteer almost 250 hours in June.  Additionally, last week we had a visit North Phoenix Baptist Student Choir who graced us with song and kitchen help.  As well as, folks from CHEEERS Recovery Center.

We received an enormous water donation from Mountain View Lutheran Church totaling 377 cases of water.  This is critical as we maintain triple digit temperatures.  It is not just these large donations that make this happen but those also who have brought in one or two cases, clothes, socks, hygiene, a smile, or prayer and blessings.

As we move into the second month of the 2016 Heat Respite @ Grace Lutheran Church we again thank all of those who make this possible and all those who participate.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact richard at outreach@graceinthecity.com.