News from the ELCA Church-wide Assembly

There are a variety of things that go into the work of the ELCA. Our business at the Churchwide Assembly includes budgeting and elections, but also includes receiving reports from church organizations that are accountable to the ELCA and greetings from partner organizations with whom we work in settings around the world. Highlights of our Churchwide Assembly today include personal greetings from the president of the Lutheran World Federation and the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Sometimes we might be tempted to think of our church as the building where we gather each week, but we are a part of the church around the world every time we gather.  It is so important to be reminded, and to nurture those relationships. Thank you for your prayers and support in our work together. You can learn more and see our agenda at and you can live stream the plenary sessions and worship.

Update from Pr. Jeff Kallevig, Our Saviour’s, Tucson