News from the ELCA Church-wide Assembly

As we prepare to begin the work of the ELCA, today is a day of reunion.

I first came to New Orleans in 2006, leading a group of adults in relief work following Hurricane Katrina. Alex O'Connell was the local coordinator for our work. As a native of New Orleans he shared deeply of himself, his experience and the history of his home. I brought groups back repeatedly in the years that followed, and he visited me while he was traveling. Reconnecting with Alex has been the highlight of my return to this city, and for me shines a light on the evolution of my ministry and the work of the ELCA. Our work together has helped heal this city, and in every way the city shows its gratitude. There have been many other reunions, and many other places where we are working where God is leading us.  I am so blessed to be a part of this church.

Update from Pr. Jeff Kallevig, Our Saviour’s, Tucson