Greg's Volunteer Story

A cool story I learned this week that I wanted to share about Greg Silva, one of our steady volunteers who typically oversees the water and cleans up every day.  

Greg let it be known by accident (through another conversation) that he gave up his worldly processions to be a community member and is volunteering at Grace as part of his personalized two-year service project towards his Fourth Degree Sword in the Knights of Columbus as a Roman Catholic. He chose to do this particular "difficult and hard" project to be of charity to others and more importantly, to humble himself before God. He showed me his paperwork, asked me to provide some documentation for this part of his journey, which is over in a few months. He goes home to Chandler every other weekend to see his family, and when I asked him what his family thought of this project he came up with, he said that while they are scared of him being on the streets, they are also very proud of him.  I told him I am too.  

I love how Grace draws so many different people to it's ministries, and Greg's story is unique as is every else's here.

--Kim D., Heat Respite coordinator