Perspective from Trinity Lutheran Church

Morgan Visnaw and Kim Caputo from Trinity

Morgan Visnaw and Kim Caputo from Trinity

An eleven member LWLM team from Trinity Lutheran Church (Fountain Hills) recently purchased supplies for 220 sack lunches that included ham and cheese sandwiches, potato salad, bananas, cookies and a soft drink. Team members included Amy Heuer, Ann Seward, Christine Colley, Diane Arnett, Debbie Olson, Grace & Darryl Kahl, Jan Visser, Kim Caputo, Linda Swanson and Morgan Visnaw. Funds for this program were raised from a successful garage sale at the church. The team prepared the sandwiches at TLC and a group of five delivered and served the meals to the hungry that visited Grace Lutheran Church in Phoenix that day. There were enough sandwiches for second helpings for everyone. It was over 100 degrees outside and our gift was most appreciated by all. We toured the facility and visited the beautiful church (the oldest Lutheran Church in Arizona) as well as their clothing room where all donations are sorted and made available to those who need them. Most items desired are men's jeans size 36 or smaller, t-shirts, personal care items, games and books.

Grace Lutheran Church opens their doors during the summer Monday to Friday from 8 to 5pm to provide a cool place for rest and relaxation. A breakfast, lunch and afternoon Snack are served, cool water is always available. Volunteer groups provide most meals and the church fills in gaps from cash contributions when needed. It was a rewarding experience to assist in this worthy effort. 

"Grace Lutheran Heat Respite Program’s mission is to provide a space for heat relief while building community through the sharing of community resources, meals, water, and ourselves in a place of being, belonging, and becoming."

-- Submitted by Christine Colley, TLC