Soul Journey Notes of Encouragement

Please help encourage this year’s Soul Journeyers as they travel to Holden Village in Washington State. The Soul Journeyers will receive notes from their families and YOU throughout their trip. Please write a note to at least one of the following people letting them know what you appreciate about them and/or how you see God at work in their lives. Completed notes can be given to Pastor Sarah no later than the afternoon of Sunday, June 16.

  • Alison Sigala

  • Daniel Ramirez

  • Alec Khatter

  • Jayden Lay

  • Evalyn Ehlen

  • Ken Ehlen

  • Pastor Sarah

  • Christy Jimenez (from Vida Nueva)

  • Anthony Padilla (friend of the Khatter’s)

  • Fran Fry

  • Hannah Khatter

  • Andrea Sigala

  • Erica Khatter

  • Kenda Khatter

  • Joey Lay

  • Owen Lay