Welcome letter

from Pastor Sarah Stadler

What a joy to share in community! 

If you have worshiped at Grace, we hope that you found the worship meaningful, that your spirit was fed, and that you felt welcome.

During the academic year, we have two worship services, a contemporary worship at 8:30 am in Hope Hall and the traditional worship at 11:00 am in the sanctuary (10:00 am in the summer). In between worship services at 9:45 am, we offer Christian education for children and adults called Grace Time; Grace Time always begins in the North Room of Hope Hall. A nursery attendant who has gone through a thorough background check provides care for children in the basement nursery as early as 7:30 am and going until the end of the traditional worship. We love to hear the voices and cries of our children, so children are, of course, welcome to stay in worship as well.  

All are welcome at the table of Holy Communion at Grace!  

We believe that Jesus—not the church or the pastor—is the host at this meal, and Jesus does not turn anyone away. Children are welcome at the table as early as their parent(s) deem appropriate. Those who do not wish to commune are welcome to come forward for a blessing.

We are a community where questions and critical engagement are welcomed, where full participation in the life of the church and world is encouraged, where we recognize that we are all stumbling together and that no one is perfect, including your pastor!

In addition to providing Christian education, opportunities for youth to grow in faith, caring for and helping one another to grow spiritually, Grace is a congregation who is actively engaged in reaching out to the community, specifically those experiencing homelessness in Phoenix. This aspect of our ministry has enriched our life together; we are blessed to be in community with a wide diversity of people! If you would like to learn more about Grace’s mission and ministries, please go to www.graceinthecity.com.

I love being part of Grace!

Leading this community for the past six years and continuing forward in this ministry is the greatest blessing of my life, and I am deeply grateful to God. I hope you will join us.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Sarah Stadler