Heat Respite at Midpoint

During the last few weeks our attendance has been steady at approximately 175 people per day. While everyone comes for food and water (we use 20 cases, approx. 480 bottles per day), not everyone stays to enjoy the daily movie, or a relaxing afternoon in the cool, 76-degree atmosphere of Hope Hall.

Yes we feed, and we offer community, and a little entertainment in the cool, but that's not all. In our small way, we also are educators. Organizations like Terros visit regularly to perform free HIV tests. Our friend Vonda Bennett is here every Friday to provide resources on jobs, housing, medical, etc. Vonda shared with us that she was herself homeless in our neighborhood for two years, and made use of the resources the city had to offer... now she’s giving back to the community.

We are grateful to have received donations from all over the valley, from Gold Canyon to Sun City West. Thanks to all of our amazing ministry partners -- we can’t do it without you!!

On Sunday, July 8, Sven visited pastors Glenn Zorb, Annemarie Burke, and Chris Heller at Mountain View Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee, to thank them and their congregation for their unbelieveable contribution of water (400 cases!) and very generous cash donation. That is really a great accomplishment by one congregation! Everyone he met was so kind and encouraging of our ministry. Blessings to all our friends at MVLC!

Sven and Paul are also so very grateful for the amazing group of volunteers who donate between 6 and 12 hours every day to the summer's Heat Respite program. If you are interested in volunteereing or have questions about how or what to donate, please call the church office or email us.

UPCOMING EVENT: We are planning another raffle at the end of Heat Respite on August 31. We will raffle gift cards ($10 max, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Circle K, etc.), bus passes, etc. If you want to help with the raffle, please contact us.